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Help for FAQs:
» Insurance deduction descriptions 
» IRS withholding calculator
» TRS Member Handbook and Forms
» TRS Retiree Information

The RSA Member Online Services website offers members a quick way to view their TRS statement, RSA-1 statement, and change their address online. PEEHIP members can view current coverage, update contact information, and enroll, change or cancel coverage during Open Enrollment.

» PEEHIP website has many pages of information to help you better understand your insurance.
» PEEHIP Member Handbook

» View and/or download a copy of the plan booklet from the Southland Benefit Solutions web page at  or call (205)343-1250 or (800)476-0677.

» VSP Vision Insurance information can be found at or by calling (800)877-7195. VSP members do not need an insurance card if the doctor is a part of the VSP network.

» MedImpact information can be found at or by calling the Customer Contact Center at (877)606-0727  or email Customer Service at

» ALL Kids Insurance - Children of State and Education employees may now be eligible for ALL Kids Insurance. For more information, view the Dependents of State and Education Employee's Notice. You can also apply online here or print and application here.
(Last updated 3/29/11)

» Change of Employee Name or Address
» Catastrophic Sick Leave Transfer Form
» Catastrophic Sick Leave Approval Form
» Sick Leave Bank Loan Form
» Sick Bank Enrollment Form
» Payroll Deduction Change Form
» Printable W-4 Form (Employee's Withholding Allowance)
» Printable I-9 Form (U.S. Citizenship)

» UNIVERSAL AVAILABLITY NOTICE for anyone who is paid through the Winston County Board of Education Payroll Process (updated Nov 09)



Substitute Teacher Application Form

Substitute Powerpoint

Substitute Handbook

Substitute Acknowledgement Form


According to Board Policy, you must be at least 21 years of age or have completed 2 years of college to apply for a Substitute Teaching Certificate. A substitute teacher license is not required for substituting in support positions (lunchroom/maid/custodial services)

1. Complete Application for a Substitute Teacher’s License at:
Substitute Teacher Application

2. Background clearance based on a fingerprint review. Instructions regarding the fingerprinting process through Cogent Systems may be obtained at  or by calling (866)989-9316.
Applicants may verify whether their ABI and FBI criminal history background check has been completed and whether they are suitable and fit to teach under state law at .

3. Applicants must bring the following to the Winston County Board of Education
a. Application printed and signed
b. Acknowledgement form signed and dated
c. $30.00 non-refundable fee paid by cashier’s check or money order payable to the Alabama Department of Education or you may pay online with a major credit card at  (a $4.00 transaction fee will be applied).
d. TB Test – Results of a previous test that are less than 1 year old will be accepted.
e. Driver’s License or Photo ID
f. Social Security Card
g. High School Diploma/GED and/or College Credits equal to 2 years or more

Substitutes are added to the substitute list once approved by the Alabama Department of Education.


» Travel claims are to be filed on the last day of the month if you have a claim within that month. (Any travel done Oct 1-Oct 31 should be filed on October 31). Do not hold and send in later or for multiple months.
» Travel checks are printed on the 10th of each month for any travel during the preceding month. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, the checks will be printed on the last working day prior to the 10th. Travel checks will be sent to your school on the next working day after they are printed.
» Meals on overnight trips will be reimbursed only for original, itemized receipts. Copies are not acceptable. Do not include the summary credit card receipts for meals since we cannot reimburse from them. Tips may be included on the claim, but the maximum reimbursed will be the customary 15% of the meal cost.  Please label your receipts as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We do not reimburse for snacks-only meals. The itemized receipt should include only the meal of the person listed on the travel claim. Please ask for a separate receipt if you have others dining with you.   A professional development or temporary activity leave form is required to be approved before you can be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with those leaves. No faxes will be accepted. Send originals with all necessary signatures. 


Retirement Information:

RSA Retirement Benefit Estimate Calculator - The Retirement Benefit Estimate Calculator is intended to allow you to generate an estimate of your future RSA retirement benefits; however, it does not replace the actual calculation of benefits when you retire.

For retirees after December 1, 2011 the Peehip insurance will be figured on a sliding scale based on your age.

The web site for Retirement is The telephone number is 1-877-517-0020. If you have any questions in regard to insurance cost, the retirement calculator is on the Retirement Systems web site. Or, if you want to speak with someone, they will pull your account up and look at it and can tell specifics in regard to you personally.

Help for FAQs:
» TRS Member Handbook and Forms
» TRS Retiree Information


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