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Child Find
The Winston County School System is committed to identifying and serving children with disabilities, birth to twenty-one, who need special education and related services.

We participate in Child Find which is a program designed to locate, identify and evaluate children with disabilities or those who are suspected of having disabilities.

Studies have shown early identification and intervention can prevent more severe disabilities from developing, decrease the need for costly, long-term programs and services, and reduce the emotional costs to parents and children.

Children may be identified and served in one of the following categories:

1) Autism
2) Deaf-Blindness
3) Developmental Delay
4) Emotional Disturbance
5) Hearing Impairment
6) Mental Retardation
7) Multiple Disabilities 8) Orthopedic Impairment
9) Other Health Impairment
10) Specific Learning Disability
11) Speech and Language Impairment
12) Traumatic Brain Injury
13) Visual Impairment


We have accounts with several local businesses. Some other companies that we have purchased from include Nasco, Library Video, Triumph Learning, Lakeshore Learning, Classroom Direct, School Specialty, Teacher Direct, Demco, The Learning Tree, BSN Sports, SmileMakers.com and Really Good Stuff. (Purchases are not limited to the businesses listed on this page. You may purchase from any business that will agree to our purchase order.)

KMart (Jasper store only) - You will need to prepare your purchase order with detailed items and prices, then send your purchase order to Central Office. After the purchase order has the superintendent's signature, it will be returned to you. You can then take it to the Jasper store to make your purchase.

Office Depot- to get prices for your purchase order go to business.officedepot.com  (Email me and I will give you login information)

Quill - our prices are usually 10% off of the public price at quill.com.

Staples - use this link to get the correct prices  (Email me and I will give you login information)

NOTE: We cannot purchase from walmart.com or amazon.com

Classroom Instructional Support Fund monies are allocated and budgeted for teacher units at a specific school. These monies are not transportable with the teacher if the teacher is transferred to another school within or outside of the district.
The Classroom Instructional Support Fund shall be spent for classroom instructional support purposes only, to be used either by classroom teachers or students in each teacher’s respective classes. It is permissible to expend these funds on instructional equipment and electrical equipment which is actually utilized with students in the teacher’s classroom.
Items can not be purchased prior to the implementation of proper purchase order procedures. The Accounting Department shall not pay for any merchandise that has been purchased without a properly approved purchase order. Proper purchase order procedures shall include the following:
a.) Complete a purchase order, including vendor name and address, employee, ship to address, principal's signature, quantity, description, unit price, amount (quantity X unit price), teacher’s signature, and SHIPPING AND HANDLING.
b.) Send purchase order to the Central Office.
c.) After the Central Office reviews the purchase order, the Superintendent of Schools will approve them.
d.) The Central Office will assign a purchase order number after approval and place the order (unless specified otherwise). A copy will then be sent back to the teacher.

» Phone Quote Form (required for purchasing items $3,000-7,499 that are not on the state bid list)
» Purchase Order Form (Printable)
» Tax Exempt Letter for the Winston County School System

Help for FAQs:
» Accounting Manual  (alsde.edu)
» Purchase Order Policy (central & local schools)
» Classroom Instructional Fund Policy
» Purchase Card Agreement Policy
» Purchases Requiring Board Approval

E-Verify Forms-
»   W-9  Request
»   Memorandum  to Contractors
»   Affidavit of Compliance for the Contractors
»   Notice of Alabama Immigration Law 
»   Affidavit for Sub-Contractors

E-Verify Participation Poster (English)
Right to Work Poster (English)

What does E-Verify mean to employees? (info from Immigration Services)
E-Verify Questions and Answers Related to LEAs (from ALSDE)

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