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Tips if your teen is attending a party
• Know where your child will be. Call the parent in charge to verify the occasion and location of the party and ensure there will be adult supervision.
• Ask how many teens are expected at the party and offer to help supervise or provide refreshments.
• Make certain that the host will not be serving or allowing alcohol. Ask how they plan to handle the situation if a teen shows up with alcohol or has been drinking.
• Indicate your expectations to your child and the parent hosting the party that if the teens leave and go somewhere else, you will want to know.
• Set a curfew for your teen to be home and when they arrive home, have them check in with you.
• Know how your child is getting to and from the party. Reinforce the message to your teenager that they should never allow someone who has been drinking or using other drugs to drive them anywhere.
• Assure your child that they can telephone you to be picked up whenever needed.
• If the activity seems inappropriate, express concern and keep your child home.


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