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The Power of Parents

7 Easy Steps to a Well-Organized Family

Parents: SchoolCast Rapid Alert & Notification System will be used for emergency contact situations. Parents will need to log in and update the contact information. is help for parents to integrate lessons of respect and tolerance into daily activities.

Help kids prepare for disasters (games)

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down to help your child with their homework when the phone rings; it's a telemarketer.
The National "Do Not Call" Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home.

Raising a Reader by Abby Margolis Newman - is for Parents, Kids, and Teens

Winston County Parent Responsibility
    » Parent's Responsibility for their child's conduct
    » Dress Code for Students
    » Parent's Responsible for Damages to School Property
    » Administrative Responses for Damages to School Property

Parents, at no time should you be in doubt in regards to your child's progress in school. Most teachers send home contact information at the beginning of each school year. Other than those, the best time to talk with the teacher is before school or during the teacher's planning period.

When you renew your automobile tags this year, ask for a Helping Schools Tag. It's tax deductible and 75% of the purchase price goes directly to Alabama's public schools.

Winston County
Probate Judge
Address: P. O. Box 27
Double Springs, AL 35553
Phone: 205-489-5219

Unlike other specialty automobile tags that can cost an additional $50 or more, the Helping Schools Tags are only $15. The price is intentionally low to allow everyone a chance to make a difference in our local schools.

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