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Mrs. Amy Hiller

Meek Elementary School's Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) may be viewed in the school library.

Meek Elementary School’s Mission Statement
TIGERS: Teaching for success, Inspiring life-long learners, Gaining Knowledge, Empowering students, Reaching for higher goals, Success for today &tomorrow

The purpose of Meek Elementary School is to prepare students for the world they will inherit to the best of our predictive ability. Our goal is to provide students with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that will allow them to successfully enter college, career training or the work force and become productive citizens no matter where they may go. Students will learn and attain skills to be lifelong learners within a safe, secure and disciplined school environment.

Direction: Core Values and Beliefs

• Our school is committed to establishing a learning environment that supports active learners that think critically, creatively, and communicate knowledge effectively. Students learn by collaboration in which all contribute according to their strengths and are motivated from within to meet high expectations for learning and behavior.

• Our learning environment is supported by a skillful, prepared faculty and staff that communicate high expectations for student learning and behavior. Teachers participate in professional development and collaborate with each other, with students, and stakeholders to continuously improve educational effectiveness.

• The use of collaborative and continuous data driven instruction is the driving force behind decision making, goal setting and planning. The use of up to date standards, resources and technologies are essential elements to our effectiveness and ability to address the future needs of the local and Global community of learners. Using both formal and informal assessments are essential tools for optimal student success.

• Student learning occurs when it stems from a true interest in what they are learning. We strive to help students pursue personal interests that will give them enjoyment throughout life, encouraging personal growth and learning in the areas of physical, mental, social, and emotional health. Participation in art, music, and sports is encouraged as a necessary part of student development.

• We strive to give our students a sense of community and an understanding of the importance of giving back. To be productive citizens, the concept of working together, supporting one another and acceptance of the diversity of culture and community are concepts that we feel must be taught, and practiced.

• Equitable treatment and engagement of all students, staff and stakeholders is a priority in our school.

Address: 6613 County Road 41 |  Arley, AL 35541
Phone: 205-221-9425 | Fax: 205-221-5886