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Jan. 28-Animal Show @ 1:30 $3.00
100th day of school!

Feb. 3- Spring Pictures

Feb. 15-In-Service Day (No School)

Feb. 26-Chittlin Supper 4:30-8:30

March 4-In-Service Day (No School) 

March 13-Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 17-Report Cards

March 17-St. Patrick's Day (Wear Green)

March 25-Flex In-Service Day (No School)

March 28-April 1-Spring Break








Meek Elementary School's Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) may be viewed in the school library.





Traders & Farmers Bank Students of the Month




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Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative


We are pleased to announce that Debra Johnson, fifth grade teacher from Meek
Elementary School, has been nominated as a 2015-16 LifeChanger of the Year.
This program recognizes and rewards K-12 school employees and educators who make
a positive difference in the lives of students.
You can view Mrs. Johnson's nominee profile on our LifeChanger of the Year
website by going to

Please post congratulations or supportive comments on the link above to help
Debra Johnson become the Grand Prize winner. She will be awarded $5,000.00 and
the school will receive a donation of $5,000.00.

Homecoming Week Fun



Meek Elementary School Application for Pre-K
This program will accept a maximum of eighteen students age 4 (on or before Sept. 1, 2016) that are not eligible for kindergarten. All students must be residents of Winston County. All students will be taught an age-appropriate curriculum. They will receive a full day of school including breakfast and lunch (8:25-2:55). They will have an opportunity to apply for free/reduced lunches. All students will have access to all school facilities (computer labs, library, gym, cafeteria, ect).
Pre-K students are not provided transportation to and from school. Application



End of Testing celebration!!  "Chicken Dance"
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Mrs. Rickett's & Mrs. Farley's Kindergarteners display several of the activities that they did to celebrate the 100th Day of School.
(larger view)

Winners of the "100 Days of Reading Contest"--Each student who made a 100 on an AR test the week of Jan 19-23 was entered into a drawing on the 100th day of school for a free poster. We had 102 students make a 100 that week.
Front row (l to r): Blake, Gabby, Elizabeth, Ava, Camryn, Jacie
Back Row (l to r): Tyler, Xavier, Paige, Brianna, Lydia

Meek Elementary School-2015 Spelling Bee Winners
Champion: Kimberly H.
Runner-Up: Lydia E.


Notes from your School Nurse...
Respiratory Viruses: What Can We Do To Prevent Them?
You might have seen in the news that there is currently a respiratory virus, Enterovirus, causing hospitalizations among some children . While many who contract the illness will suffer only mild cold-like symptoms, it is affecting some children more severely.
The Winston County School District health services team asked the Winston County Health Department whether there is anything special we should be doing to help prevent this virus in our district’s schools.
The Health Department said, while there is currently no vaccination to prevent the Enterovirus, there are other prevention techniques we can use.
Please help us control this virus in our School. Join us in practicing these basic preventative measures and encouraging your children to do the same:
• Use good, frequent hand-washing with soap and water.
• Avoid close contact with others who are sick.
• Stay home when you are sick with a fever.
• Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.
• Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
Together, let’s team up to do what we can to protect our children from this and other viruses headed our way this fall and winter.
Thank you!
For more information from your school nurse visit the website here.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


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Meek Elementary School’s Mission Statement

TIGERS: Teaching for success, Inspiring life-long learners, Gaining Knowledge, Empowering students, Reaching for higher goals, Success for today &tomorrow

The purpose of Meek Elementary School is to prepare students for the world they will inherit to the best of our predictive ability. Our goal is to provide students with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that will allow them to successfully enter college, career training or the work force and become productive citizens no matter where they may go. Students will learn and attain skills to be lifelong learners within a safe, secure and disciplined school environment.

Direction: Core Values and Beliefs

• Our school is committed to establishing a learning environment that supports active learners that think critically, creatively, and communicate knowledge effectively. Students learn by collaboration in which all contribute according to their strengths and are motivated from within to meet high expectations for learning and behavior.

• Our learning environment is supported by a skillful, prepared faculty and staff that communicate high expectations for student learning and behavior. Teachers participate in professional development and collaborate with each other, with students, and stakeholders to continuously improve educational effectiveness.

• The use of collaborative and continuous data driven instruction is the driving force behind decision making, goal setting and planning. The use of up to date standards, resources and technologies are essential elements to our effectiveness and ability to address the future needs of the local and Global community of learners. Using both formal and informal assessments are essential tools for optimal student success.

• Student learning occurs when it stems from a true interest in what they are learning. We strive to help students pursue personal interests that will give them enjoyment throughout life, encouraging personal growth and learning in the areas of physical, mental, social, and emotional health. Participation in art, music, and sports is encouraged as a necessary part of student development.

• We strive to give our students a sense of community and an understanding of the importance of giving back. To be productive citizens, the concept of working together, supporting one another and acceptance of the diversity of culture and community are concepts that we feel must be taught, and practiced.

• Equitable treatment and engagement of all students, staff and stakeholders is a priority in our school.

Winston County Schools Mission Statement
The Winston County School System will prepare students for the 21st Century by engaging all learners in meaningful learning experiences that meet the highest educational and ethical standards in a caring, collaborative learning community supported through partnerships with parents and families, businesses, civic organizations, and higher education.

Address: 6613 County Road 41 | Arley, AL 35541 | Phone: 205-221-9425 |
Fax: 205-221-5886