Parents who want to visit with the teacher may want to do so during the teacher's planning period.


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Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative


MES Faculty 2015-2016

Amy Hiller
MA Education UAB

Heather Tucker

Media Specialist/Gifted
BS Elementary Education UNA
MA Library Media UWA

Gracie Flynn
BS Secondary English Language Arts/JSU
MA School Counseling K-12/UWA

Jessica Courington
2nd Grade
B.S. Education UNA
MA Education UWA

Planning Period 11:30-12:10

Cynthia Youngblood

B.S. Education UAB
MA Elementary Education/UNA
Planning Period 12:30- 1:10

Kristy Whitman

Curriculum Coach
Bachelor of Science in Education
Athens State University
Master's in Elementary Education/UWA 

Renea Adair
1st Grade
B.S. Education
Athens State
Master's Degree in Elementary Education University of North Alabama.
Planning Period 9:30-10:10 

Jennifer Freeman

MA Education UAB
B.S. Ed. Elementary UNA  

Amy Darty


Wendy Daniel

Denise Landers
School Nurse, LPN
Christi O'Rear
6th Grade
B.S. in Elementary
Masters in Elementary Education/UWA
Athens State University
Planning Period 10:10-10:50

Lori Bowling

3rd Grade
B.S. Athens State University
Planning Period 1:15- 1:55 

Debra Johnson
5th Grade

Planning Period 8:50-9:30

Karen Guthrie
4th Grade
MA Education UNA

Planning Period 2:05- 2:45

Diona Kimbrell

4th Grade
B.S. Education UAB
Planning Period 2:05-2:45

Lesley Guthrie
3rd Grade

B.S. Education
Athens State
MA Counseling UWA

Planning Period 1:15-1:55

Cheryl Rickett

MA Education UNA
Planning Period 12:30-1:10

Ashley Farley
1st Grade
BS Elementary Education/UNA
MA Elementary Education/UWA
Planning Period 9:30-10:10

Tony Williams
Physical Education

Tina Denson

Cindy Neal
Book Keeper

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