Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather: School Closing Information

From time to time, the school system must make decisions regarding the weather.  In every case, safety of all children is the first concern.

During any inclement weather event, school officials closely monitor weather reports and are in contact with Winston County EMA, neighboring school systems, and the Winston County Sheriff Department.

The Winston County School System uses the Schoolcast Notification System to inform parents, students and employees of weather related events, school closings or early dismissals. It is very important that parents keep the notification system updated with correct phone numbers by logging into the online program or notifying the school secretary.

Closings Before the School Day Begins: The Winston County School System always tries to give parents as much notice as possible when closing schools. However, since weather is sometimes unpredictable, it is possible that a decision on closing schools may not be made until morning.

Closings After the School Day Has Begun: It is important for parents to discuss the possibility of an early closing due to inclement weather with their children. Establishing a plan for such occasions will help to eliminate confusion and worry for the child and will provide assurance for the parent and the school that the child is safe and secure.

If a tornado warning is in effect during the school day, we will not release the students until the warning has been lifted – even if the regular school day has ended. We urge parents to refrain from picking up their child DURING A TORNADO WARNING for safety reasons. If you are at school to pick up your child, parents and other adults must stay calm and focused, mindful that their actions and comments will be the example that, to a great extent, determines the children’s response.

Parents and guardians may call the child's school office or the Winston County School's Central Office with any additional questions.