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We have created our new website July 2007. Please use the "Send Information" or "Join Directory" link (above) to send the information that you want to share.

If you want to read more history of Winston County visit wcgs.ala.nu 


Addison School 1950
Addison High School 1950
(Courtesy of freestateofwinston.org)

July 1, 2010 Micah Smothers, a 1984 graduate of AHS, became principal of Addison High School. Micah is the first AHS graduate to hold the position.
Book Signing - Jake Jauch, Addison High School class of 2009, signs a copy of his second book in his Banished Land series. He donated this book, The Turning, to the Addison High School Library. His books are available at abbottpress.com, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.